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When was the last time you received or gave a gift that was truly appreciated? Hustling through weekdays, most of us end up not paying attention to the little things that matter. Most importantly, small moments that create memories! For instance, you get gifted a DIY plaster dough for getting your baby’s handprints and footprints and keeping the memory safe forever. You’re absolutely ecstatic about how cute the idea is and how special it will be to your family. Friends join in the party with toys and clothes, while you’re enjoying it all, one of your family members steps in with exactly the same kit. Then another one and another one, till you have 4 of those kits!

"One baby. 4 DIY kits for handprints and footprints!"

But you still smile and accept the gift with a big thank you every time - and maybe a hug! While your actions say you’re so happy to receive this gift, your brain is practically screaming, 'what are you going to do with so many?' But the worst thing is, you end up having duplications of some other gifts as well and could actually open a little baby store of your own!

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That’s our story

We aren’t criticising anyone who brought over gifts so lovingly, but it had us wondering what if there was a way for them to know what we really needed for our baby. Being the typical planners, we were wishlisting items from online stores from a month prior. We knew exactly what we wanted and were planning to purchase things slowly after the baby shower. This had us thinking, what if our friends and family could see our wish list? There have been multiple such instances ever since where we saw time and money getting wasted in buying the wrong gifts. We also saw the increasing use of a question we always dreaded, "what do you want for your birthday?" So we decided to find a solution that would eliminate the awkwardness of it all and turn gifting into a perfect experience!

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Making Geenees

Geenees was born out of the need for perfect gifting.

While gift cards have become the go-to solution for just about everyone, gifting has become more ‘practical’ than special. The personalization and memories attached to receiving or giving a gift get lost as soon as the plastic card gets used for a purchase! With the aim to bring people the surprises they have always been wishing for, we created an app that will let them save the items they love as per events into wishlists. It allows them to invite their friends and family to the app, create their own wishlists and at the same time, be their Geenees! When each one of you can see what the other is looking for, we’re pretty sure you’ll never get gifts you regret! Only get and give what you love to create more happy moments.