What is Geenees?

Geenees is an exciting, new mobile app, soon to be launched.
It's a place where your wishlist can be seen by your friends and family. They can make your wishes come true and become your Geenees.

What can you do on Geenees?

Manage your wishlist that is visible to your friends.
Get reminders for upcoming events.
As a Geenee, buy gifts right away and make friend's wishes come true.
Pitch in to split gift cost with other Geenees.
See history of given gifts.
And much more...

Do I need to share my wishlist?

No need to share your list, you decide which gifts are visible to your Geenees and which are not.

Who are my Geenees?

Your Geenees are your friends and family that you invite to use Geenees app.
Think of it as a social media for gifting.

Do I have to invite others?

Your friends and family are your Geenees and only they can make your wishes come true. You should definitely invite your friends and family to make the most out of Geenees app.

When can I use the app?

Very soon, we are working around the clock to create the best Geenees experience for you and your friends. Please stay tuned for our exciting news. In the meantime you can get invited to be one of the first to use Geenees once we launch.